Move goods, People and Tow your car easily, efficiently and effortlessly

Envoyer is a digital freight network that provides a platform via our Website and the Mobile App for Shippers, business owners and individuals to connect with carriers to meet their road transport needs through the Service.

Why Carriers Choose Envoyer

Find out why they choose us

Maximize earnings

Drive your business forward by keeping your trucks full on the lanes you like to run.

Reduce stress

Make your job easier, cutting down operating costs and boosting profits.

See all the loads

Get equal access to winning freight from the nation’s best shippers.

Make more money

Our digital freight network gives you the best opportunity to maximize your earnings.

  • Find, bid on, and win loads—24/7
  • Get paid in 24 hours
  • Interact with clients to get more information about the delivery
  • Bundle your head hauls and backhauls to reduce empty miles
  • Manage all your activities with one user account

Haul without stress

With everything done easily through our platform, you’ll spend less time chasing freight and more time on what matters.

  • Find and manage work right from your phone or computer
  • See Clients and facility names, addresses, and ratings on every request
  • Track your fleet’s locations and arrival times with GPS
  • Get automatic alerts when loads are available on your preferred lanes

Loads for all

Carriers of all sizes and tenures can sign up and book their first loads in just minutes.

  • Get free access to tens of thousands of loads
  • Secure dedicated freight contracts
  • Book it all through the Envoyer app and overcome the pitfalls of phone negotiations like haggling, language barriers, and other biases

Envoyer for Business

Choosing Envoyer is choosing a tailor-made service accompanied with convenience, affordability and luxury


Envoyer exposes you to drivers who are willing to deliver your goods at fair deals. These drivers are vetted to make sure that you know exactly who you are working with.

Operational support

We do send you updates on new changes and implementations taking place at Envoyer. We are also available to answer your queries all the time. Call +233508286531 or email us with for more inquiries.

Competitive pricing

Since we expose you to multiple vetted drivers, they can bid whilst you choose your favourite candidate base on fair price, reviews and other factors.

24/7 Customer Service

Our representatives are available around the clock to help in English and Twi.

Reach us at +233 508 286 531 or

Why Use Envoyer

For drivers and customers

For drivers

  • Access to new customers.
  • Access to fuel financing during the trip.
  • Access to payment once the trip is done.

For customers

  • Access verified transporters
  • We offer easy payment processing.
  • Real time visibility
  • Envoyer provides unmatched flexibility with uncompromising quality, reducing costs and helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Our commitment to your safety

It's our priority to provide you the best security

We are concerned about the safety of both our shippers and carriers. All necessary carrier documentations are verified to ensure they are worthy to embark in the transport business. This isn’t to say Envoyer is responsible for the safety of of the driver and the goods of the shipper. We do our best to provide the needed education and support for a safe working life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Envoyer?

Envoyer Envoyer is a digital freight network that provides a platform via our Website and Mobile App for Shippers, business owners and individuals to connect with carriers and convey their Shipments through the Service. The platform also offers all-purpose Bus Hiring services to its users.

What problem is Envoyer Solving?

Envoyer seeks to promote a movement toward efficient and convenient road freight. With technology we have initiated smarter ways to connect shippers, business owners and individuals with carriers while solving some of the most difficult problems confronting the freight industry.

Is Envoyer free?

Creating a user account on Envoyer is absolutely free.

How do I sign up as a business?

Our sign-up process is 100% online and only takes a few minutes. Click here to get started.

How do I join Envoyer as a driver?

Joining Envoyer as a driver is 100% free. Make sure you have your Ghana Card, Driver's license and other documents to get your user account verified. Click here to create an account.

Which services do we offer?

We offer Trucking/Haulage Service, Towing Service and Bus Hiring service.

What is our approach?

We make use of three main approaches. lowest price guarantee, easy request and booking process, and best selection of vehicles.

Why should I use Envoyer?

Better pricing, flexible with your demand, able to schedule, time saving, maximize earnings, reduce the stress, see all available loads.

What is Envoyer CARE?

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our carriers and drivers. We ask, WHY PARK YOUR MONEY MACHINE INSTEAD OF HAVING IT WORK FOR YOU. For this reason, Envoyer CARE provides drivers or carriers in good standing access to a loan facility to fix their trucks when such need arises.

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